Change can be scary...yet without change we fail to grow.  My mother used to tell me that challenges and change build character.  Years ago during one of those times I looked at her and said “I have enough character...I think I am done for a while.”  We both laughed, but with a positive attitude, my personal network, and my financial knowledge, I persevered and found new options for my family.  Sometimes it is easier to maintain the status is known and predictable.  But, is that the best solution?


Are you, your family, or your business in a time of change? Is it positive changes such as a new job, launching children to college, marriage, retiring, or starting a new business?  Is it a personal challenge such as divorce, death of a loved one, medical struggles?  Many of these times also come with financial and tax ramifications.  During these times it is helpful to have a professional on your side that can guide you and teach you how to roll with these changes, whether exciting or trying.  


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